My Easter Cards for Current 2014

These are some new designs I created for Current for Easter 2014...sweet bunnies and classic watercolor florals.

Let's skip emailing, facebooking, texting and calling on Easter (well, you probably should still call your Mom) and...

It'll be just like 1980!

I love creating and sending greeting cards so I for one will be mailing these babies out!

To order some for yourself check out the Current catalog online:


New Illustration In Click Magazine

When I was a kid my sister and I would always make fortune tellers with choices like "You will be a millionaire" or "(insert neighbor boy's name from the bus) is in love with you"!

This new illustration for February 2014 Click Magazine is a story starter that uses a fortune teller. It lets a child come up with a place, character and object to create a story around.

I still think you could insert the name of your favorite neighbor boy in your story!


Imagination can get you through winter....

I created this collage painting for a talented golfer who made a hole-in-one at hole #5 at the Mercer County Elks golf course. A great memory of what she calls "the prettiest spot at the Elks" I'd have to agree although on the day I took pictures it was snowy and cold!!

I had to remember how beautiful summer in Ohio can be and "green" up the landscape in the photo. I created the collage below...given as a Christmas gift by a sweet daughter to her golfing mother.

All together now..."think Spring"!!


Farm Sweet Farm

Around Christmas every year I start to feel a little bit like Santa Claus, working on commissions that are going to be given as gifts and then making sure I do not spoil the surprise with a phone call or email to the wrong person.
This beautiful location in St. Henry, Ohio has new barns, tons of charm, and would make anyone want to be a farmer...or at least have a beautiful garden!


Yellow Springs Brewery Exhibit of my Ohio Landscapes

My collage paintings of Ohio landscapes will be on display at the Yellow Springs Brewery in Yellow Springs, Ohio from Dec. 11th-Feb.2, 2014.

The Yellow Springs Brewery is a cool place to visit with cool people and cold fresh unique beer!
Owned and managed by my friends Lisa Wolters and Nate Cornett, YSB brews their signature beers with Jeffrey McElfresh, the lead brewer.

Thanks to Lisa for giving me a great place to show my work!

Lovely Lisa


New York Times Book Review!

My latest children's book "Farmer's Market Day" was reviewed by Sarah Harrison, the Children's Book Editor for the New York Times! (...and she liked it! Even better!)

From her review:

"Dippold’s illustrations tell a funny backstory of the havoc the little girl leaves behind as she unwittingly plucks plants from their pots, knocks over jars of honey, and overturns baskets of peaches and apples. But the farmers’ market is a relaxed and generous place, and none of the tumbles lead to trouble. Tolerance, plenty and a little red wagon to carry the shopping — or a tired toddler — who could ask for anything more?"

Thank You Sarah!


Artisan Showcase Saturday!

Spent this past Saturday at the Artisan Showcase at the New Bremen Pumpkinfest. It was a beautiful, blue sky day with plenty of good wine and dark beer, meeting and talking to other artists and art lovers and enjoying the fall weather.

These four paintings went home with new owners. A big thank you!

Open Hearted 2013 Collage on Canvas
Sunset Lullaby 2013 Collage on Canvas
Red Roof Farm 2013 Collage on Canvas

Summer Air Melody 2013 Collage on Canvas